Nursery Furniture Buying Guide: What Do You Really Need For The Nursery?

Most mom’s start dreaming about the perfect nursery for their precious baby the moment they find out they’re expecting. We all want to create a picture perfect nursery, but we have to be practical….

It’s hard to narrow down what you really need for your baby’s nursery, but here are some tips about what you really need.

Plan And Research Before Buying Baby Furniture

First things first – determine how much space you have, what style you want and what your budget looks like.Do some research and create a mood-board of the nursery ideas and colours you like. Decide what your design style is, Modern; Scandinavian; Vintage, etc. Then start planning the layout.

But before you start buying things, there are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself:

What Basic Furniture Do I Need?

This is mostly determined by your own personal needs and preferences but also your budget. That being said, most nurseries have the following basic pieces:

  • Cot and cot mattress;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Changing table;
  • Wall shelves for toiletries or books and soft toys;
  • Rocking chair or comfortable chair for feeding;

How Much Space Do I Have?

Start by taking measurements of the room and factor in sufficient walking space. Consider the entry to the room as well as the passage and/or staircase leading to the room so the furniture you buy will fit through. If space is limited, get creative and find ways to multi-purpose furniture, like placing the change station on top of the Compactum/Chest of Drawers instead of a separate piece.

Do I Have Sufficient Storage Space?

Babies may be tiny but you will need a lot of storage space for all their necessities. If the room has a standard closet, you will need to make the best possible use of the space for all the larger items such as nappy bags, feeding pillows, linen, etc. This is where a Chest of Drawers/Compactum comes in really handy because you can store a lot in drawers.

The Actual Furniture needed:

Start With A Cot

The single most important piece of furniture you’ll buy for your baby’s nursery is a cot. Your little prince or princess will sleep in it every night for months or even years to come and this will normally be the determining factor in the style of the room.So, it’s important to choose the right one from the start.

Cot Safety

You may be tempted to accept a second-hand cot from a friend or family member, but keep a couple of things in mind before you do. A used cot, could put your baby at risk, as there are wear and tear that naturally happens over the years resulting in loose bolts or screws and an unstable frame.The cot may also have been repainted with lead paint which is toxic to your baby.

When you decide to purchase a new cot, besides deciding on price and design – also be sure to buy a product from a reputable company that produce good quality, sturdy and safe cot’s painted with lead-free paint. The openings on the side of the cot should also not be too large so baby can get caught in it. Another thing to consider is buying a cot that takes a standard size mattress which fits snuggly inside the cot. This means no gaps in-between the cot and the mattress. If you can fit two fingers between them, it’s not a snug fit perfect for your baby’s safety and comfort.


Most babies sleep in mom’s room in the first months and if you have space for a camp/travel cot in your bedroom, a mini-crib/co-sleeper is not a necessity. However if you have limited space, this may just be the perfect solution.Mini-Cribs or Co-Sleepers can provide comfort for you and baby in the first months and can be tailored to your size requirements and the height of your bed for easy access to your baby.

Chest of Drawers/Compactum

This is a piece of furniture that can really complement the room whilst providing the necessary storage and you will always find use for it afterwards. If you buy a Chest of drawers and Cot in a set – it will carry your design choice through nicely. There are many different design choices, like the Scandinavian look, vintage look and also more modern lines. Choose a good design that will last for years and a good quality product with sturdy sliders that will be able to carry the weight of the drawers.

Change station

If you have limited space, you can set up your change station on top of your Chest of Drawers. But if you do have enough space, it could make life a lot easier if you had a unit in the nursery with a baby bath in. There are some really nice and practical designs and some suppliers can custom make a piece for you, that will fit your specific need. You may even have a Bath Trolley made, which has space for the bath in the top which can be changed out later for a solid top and used as trolley for other uses in the house – a server or laundry trolley for folding clothes.

Optional Baby Furniture Pieces

To save on space without sacrificing storage, hang shelves on the wall for toiletries above the change station or for books, photos or soft toys. Consider storing toys on shelves or in storage bins inside the closet if you don’t have space for a big toy chest.

In Closure

It’s easy to go all out when shopping for baby furniture for your little one’s nursery. We totally get it — you’re excited to make this room a special place for the newest member of your family!

Remember that creating a dream nursery for your precious bundle is part of your journey as a mom and definitely part of the magic of becoming a parent, so you may as well have fun!

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