Tips To Enhance your Toddler’s Bedroom

Toddlers are at an age where they are no longer little babies but they are not fully grown yet. It is important to create a stimulating space that is exciting and encourages learning, sleeping and playing.

It is vital to create a safe, wholesome space that they can enjoy for about 5 years before you need to change it. There are a few tips that can enhance your child’s space and we have some products to create the perfect, safe space for your toddler.

Tip Number 1: Keep it Simple

You need to know what your child enjoys and incorporate this in the room. Less is more! Bedroom walls are a great place to incorporate educational and fun changes that make a huge impact. Consider pictures, fantasy shelves for soft toys, wall stickers, chalk boards and Edu boards – Check out our products for affordable and creative ways to make the room fun yet simple. Remember that colours are important, so add some bold colours, lines or even their name in wall art stickers or using Baby Roomz wooden customised name boards.


Tip Number 2: Storage, Storage & more storage.

Storage space can also help you keep your child’s toys and clothes organised and you can start teaching your child to pack away their toys and look after their belongings. Having an organised storage system in your Childs bedroom will make your life easier. Baby Roomz has a range of storage options for your child – browse our range of compactum’s, storage boxes, toy boxes and shelving.

Tip Number 3: Upgrade your child’s bed

All children develop at their own rate and there is no set time for your toddler to move from their cot to a bed. However, when you think the time is right – then choose a practical, yet fun bed that can add an element of fun for your child. We have a range of floor beds, bunker beds and fantasy beds for your toddler and we can customise the bed to suit your design requirements.


Tip Number 4: Keep it safe

It is always important to remember that your child is still a toddler and you need to make sure that everything is child-friendly and safe. Ensure that there are no sharp corners or breakable objects that are in reach.